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NOVIS Etac Light Fork Thick


Etac Light is a lightweight cutlery series designed to facilitate eating for people with limited strength and impaired hand and arm mobility. Designed to be lightweight, gentle on the joints and relieve strain on the fingers. Available in various models and dishwasher safe.


Etac Light with Thick Handle has an oval handle that sits securely in the hand and allows various grips. Comprises fork, spoon, knife and dessert spoon.


key features

  • lightweight, ergonomic design
  • minimum strength and effort required
  • stainless steel and ABS plastic
  • dishwasher safe

Product Specifications

  • Product Code: 80402002
  • Weight: 0.27 KGS
  • Width: 2.00 CM
  • Height: 10.00 CM
  • Depth: 1.00 CM

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