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Sleep Study Adelaide

Medimart is a leading provider of sleep testing and Adelaide sleep studies for common sleep disorders from our convenient location opposite Lyell McEwin Hospital. Our specialised staff have decades of healthcare experience and our on-site sleep testing specialist, Carol, is a known expert in the field of in-home sleep study.

We provide the all-important diagnostic data required to assist your doctor in evaluating and diagnosing sleep disorders. One of the fantastic things about our Adelaide sleep study service is that you can do the testing at home, in your own privacy!

If you are struggling with getting proper sleep or know someone who is, or if you yourself or your loved one is a chronic snorer, then a good night of sleep could be just a simple sleep test away!

To get a referral for a Sleep Study, please see your General Practitioner. In most cases, there will be no out of pocket expense to you as the patient!


How Sleep Testing Works

  • Our Adelaide sleep clinic uses the very latest in advanced sleep disorder testing equipment.
  • You do not need to wait! Right after receiving your GP referral, you can contact us to book in a time for your test and in most cases, we'll be able to get you in for your initial consultation very quickly.
  • We screen for a huge range of disorders and our test can help identify issues such as Snoring, Obstructive Sleep Apnoea and Periodic Leg Movement Disorder.
  • Your sleep test will assess your suitability and potential effectiveness of treatments such as a CPAP Machine
  • Our service includes full reporting of your results in an easy-to-understand manner and you will be provided all the necessary education and assistance to have any disorders managed.
  • Our Sleep Specialists are with you through the whole process so that you have a familiar face that knows your circumstances individually.
  • We're fast - your test results will be analysed and reported for you promptly so that any appropriate course of action to remedy sleep issues can be taken quickly - we want to help you sleep better!


Sleep Apnea Complications

Why is sleep apnea such an important issue to identify? Take a look at a range of issues that can result from ongoing sleep apnea - it's important to have yourself checked if you feel like you may be at risk.


Assess Your Sleep Apnea Risk

Do you snore loudly? (loud enough to be heard in another room or louder than normal speech volume)

Do you often feel tired and like you need good sleep during the day?

Has your partner ever noticed that you seem to stop breathing during sleep?

Do you have High Blood Pressure (or have you been treated for it in the past)?


If you answered yes to any of the above, you may be a Sleep Apnea risk so it's a good idea to see your GP and get a referral for a Medimart Sleep Assessment.