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Tens Machines

Tens Machine Buying Guide

The Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS) device sends a low-voltage electrical current into your body to provide immediate pain relief. It comes in a small device with two electrodes that connect the machine to the skin. The electrode is attached to an adhesive pad so it stays on the skin, and then electrical pulses are sent to the area like mini electric shocks and ease certain types of pain.

Before buying a TENS machine, check out the tips below to ensure you purchase the right model for your pain management needs:

How To Find the Best Tens Machine

Check the manufacturer and retailer

It is important to check the manufacturer of the TENS unit, as well as its retailer. Why? You need to make sure that the product is of high quality and meets the industry standards. It pays to read customer reviews online, as well, to give you an idea about which models are worth the investment.

Size and Display

When buying your own TENS device, you will have to consider the size of the screen display. Most new models use an LED display that allows you to easily read the information on the screen. The controls must be clearly labeled, and must be easy to control. The battery compartment must be accessible, and the unit must have an AC adapter to give you the option to set up near a power source.

Control System

The device must have a control system that is easy to use. Check out the touch pad or the buttons, and see whether the controls might cause you to accidentally make mistakes. You will want to look for a model that comes with a cover over the touch pad or buttons to avoid accidental adjustments. With efficient controls and safety features, you can assure your patient’s comfort throughout each treatment.

Extra Inclusions

It is also ideal to check what else is included in the package, aside from the unit and the electrodes. Some models have spare gels or electrodes, so you no longer have to purchase when a replacement becomes necessary. Look for a unit with a spare battery, or is contained in a protective casing.

Tens Machine Reviews

Have a look online and see what users have said about the products. Many online retailers, including us here at Medimart will stock the products that have high user reviews and ratings.


A long warranty indicates a high quality product. It means that the manufacturer is confident that their product will deliver and is durable enough. A good warranty coverage will also keep your TENS unit in top shape, and last for a long time. 

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